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about me

I've been getting more and obsessed with lindy hop since I discovered it in 2012. I've taught in the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada and Mexico and the feedback I always get is that my classes are fun, accessible material-wise, but also with the right amount of brain explosions. I have a few teaching partners and can confidently teach both roles for lindy hop, as well as beginners solo jazz.


As a DJ I've been told Im refreshingly professional, capable and with great musical choices. Peter Loggins told me I was his favourite DJ at the most recent LindyShock in Budapest and I think that's me done!


Most of my pre-covid work was repeat bookings. And repeat bookings mean happy organisers, right?


I'm based in London but happy to travel if you're happy to cover it. I have a sliding scale for smaller newer events and scenes and I am all about supporting you folks, so please get in touch if you're interested. (obviously this paragraph is for when we're partner dancing in public again)


I am available for private classes online- and you can choose from real time classes over Zoom, or video tasks combined with you self filming which I return with audio feedback.


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• Europe
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