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dance specialties

• Collegiate Shag

dance services

• Digital Instruction and Video Feedback
• Teaching at festivals and workshops
• Private Instruction

about me

Josiah Keagy is known for the energy he brings to the dance floor. He emphasizes connection, creativity, musicality, and plain goofiness when he dances. As a dancer he is always looking at ways to improve and push the limits of his own dancing as well as contributing to the evolution of the dance. He loves to dance with dancers of all levels and is constantly trying to spread his love for dancing. Josiah strives to better understand the philosophies behind the dance and how they build upon one another and interact with the music in an act of creation. He believes that by changing ones perspective we are able to learn to pick apart our own dancing and have a better understanding of not only the dance but ourselves.


currently based in

Anaheim, California

• North America

available for work in

• English

language(s) offered

rates and pricing

Rates upon request.

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