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dance specialties

• Lindy Hop
• Solo Jazz
• Charleston
• Blues
• Solo Blues
• Lead
• Follow

dance services

• Digital Instruction and Video Feedback
• Teaching at festivals and workshops
• Private Instruction
• Performance
• Choreography Consultation
• DJing
• Teacher training and pedagogy

about me

I believe in power of the Universe and Destiny. That what happened to me when i went to my first class of Lindy hop by mistake. Before, I've being practising classic dance, tango and hip hop so at this moment i believed that "lindy" was a new wave of hip-hop. Anyway, from this moment my life was getting into dance.

With time I started to replace my teacher in Rennes, and with many travels, festivals, and my first tester of Blues in Herrang I've hear one blues legend saying me "You have to teach blues". With this, it has been 15 years since I became one of pioneer of blues scene in France.

Since 2007 I have has started to teach lindy-hop and blues in France and abroad - Spain, Belgium, Lithuania, Belarus. Two times with my partner Alina we organised a one-month "Blues trip" with classes around Russia. Together and separately we went in finals in several competitions and won some of them. Actually we are teaching together in school Dance Addict, that I created in 2014 in Rennes, France.

I believe that communication is the most important in dance. I've built my pedagogy on the idea of leading-following, staying inside the couple and sharing.

My passion to history and journey turned into several travels and researches of blues ethos. Actually i'm not only teaching, but also organising festivals and conferences, where i'm happy to share my knowledge about Blues and other swing dances.

Here you can find more videos with me:

Blues Performance at Bluesila camp in Lithuania;
Blues Improvisation, Vitebsk, Belarus;

Lindy hop demonstration at Swing'Zy festival in France;

Blues Strictly at WinterEnd in Belarus (1st prize).

Here is the link to our instagram page

currently based in

Rennes, France

• Europe
• Anywhere you fly me

available for work in

• English
• French

language(s) offered

rates and pricing

Actually I am proposing online training program for price - 30 EUR\week, you can learn more about this training here

In other cases the prices are negotiable, feel free to contact me!

Interested? Contact them today!

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