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dance specialties

• Lindy Hop
• Solo Jazz
• Balboa and Bal-Swing
• Charleston
• Lead

dance services

• Digital Instruction and Video Feedback
• Teaching at festivals and workshops
• Private Instruction
• Performance
• Choreography Consultation
• DJing
• Teacher training and pedagogy

about me

Shelby Johnson started swing dancing in Orlando, Florida in 2011 as a member of the University of Central Florida Swing Knights. A short 2 years later Shelby found themselves as the first instructor for the Stetson University Hatters Swing Dance Club. Though that stint only lasted one class due to Shelby moving to Dallas, Texas in June of 2013, the vision was set for Shelby to develop as a teacher. Over the past 6 years Shelby has honed his teaching skills as a personal fitness coach and hosting a number of practice groups in his home and teaching private small group lessons for Lindy Hop, Balboa and Solo Jazz. After going to Herrang Dance Camp in 2016 as a Frankie Manning Ambassador, Shelby enjoys creating an environment for students to explore not only technique but also creativity, partnering and music. Along with that, he provides storytelling and historical elements to give life to the dance that he's teaching. Shelby is dedicated to keeping the historical roots of Lindy Hop, Jazz and Jazz dancing attached to the learning process and openly speaks about how to create a more culturally and racially diverse dance scene. That dedication was recognized at the 2018 Camp Jitterbug and The Northwest Lindy Hop Championships, where he was awarded the Spirit of Lindy Hop Award . Shelby is an instructor ready to bring guidance, history and enthusiasm to the classroom for a positive classroom experience.


Shelby Johnson is a Lindy Hop instructor based in Dallas, TX he’s been teaching since 2013 and ever since becoming a Frankie Manning Ambassador to Herrang Dance Camp in 2016, He has dedicated himself to learning the culture and history behind these dances.

My online services include Virtual private lessons, video review, Strength and conditioning for dancers and offering culture and history talks. All of these can be conducted either on Zoom or Facebook Messenger video which ever one you're most comfortable.

Strength and conditioning programs involve you filling out a form of your workout and dance experience. You'd submit a video of you performing a movement examination in which I'd then build a strength and conditioning program for you and schedule a video chat meeting to go over the program.

History and culture talks can be set for a group discussion via Zoom or Facebook Messenger Video, where I develop a presentation built around your communities interest and provide a conversational presentation that's open to questions from participants.


currently based in

Dallas, Texas, USA

• North America
• Europe
• Anywhere you fly me

available for work in

• English

language(s) offered

rates and pricing

Virtual Private lessons $60/HR
History and Cultural discussions or talks: $80/HR
Video study and feedback: $50
Dancer Strength and Conditioning (Can be split among a group) $75/HR

I can accept payments via PayPal or Venmo.

Contact me about DJing and any other services you might think

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Instagram: @Lindyfitness2014

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