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Has your work been affected by COVID19?

Swing Hire is an online talent platform that gives wider exposure to swing dance instructors and more accessible options to talent-seekers.

We began building Swing Hire in 2019 without a clue that the dance teachers of the world would be without a job come March 2020. So when dance venues began shutting down, we reformatted our entire website to meet the needs of teachers right now: 

  1. getting online

  2. getting back to work

Swing hire exists to help with both by giving every dance teacher on the planet free access for the duration of the pandemic. With Swing Hire, you can create an instructor profile and get discovered and hired by ready-to-dance quaran-trainers from across the globe.

getting online
getting online:

We've teamed up with teachers and community leaders to write 

"How to start teaching online:
a quickstart guide"

geting back to work
getting back to work:

We're giving free memberships to all swing dance instructors whose work has been affected by COVID19. Swing Hire will continue to be free as long as quarantines are in place.

We're starting everyone off with 3 free months, and then extending it from there as-needed. All you have to do is click on instructor sign up  and select the "FREE" plan. No credit card required and no strings attached. If you find that Swing Hire brings in work and income for you, we hope you'll continue with one of our paid plans (for about $5-7 USD/month).

Questions? Email us at



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