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getting hired 

Get booked for online instruction now,

or for in-person instruction later.


All swing dance instructors whose work has been affected by COVID19 now get

3+ months free.

No credit card required. Learn more here.

how it works

There's never been a more important time to advertise your craft and your availability. And now, it's never been easier to get discovered from around the globe.

Grow your exposure in the global lindy community.  

  1. Join with a complimentary 3-months of membership. Swing Hire will extend free memberships as long as quarantines are in place.

  2. Create your very own professional instructor profile and set yourself apart by filling out your specialties, language, location, and more.

  3. Get discovered. Get hired.
    Swing out into the sunset.

Tailored specifically for:​

  • Instructors ready to break into the online teaching scene

  • Swing dance professionals of all kinds: instructors, performers, choreographers, and DJs

  • Individuals or teaching partnerships

  • Both brand new and long-time pros; get your first start, or expand your client base.

Questions? Email us at

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