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dance specialties

• Lindy Hop
• Solo Jazz
• Collegiate Shag
• Charleston
• Airsteps
• Blues
• Lead
• Follow

dance services

• Digital Instruction and Video Feedback
• Teaching at festivals and workshops
• Private Instruction
• Performance
• Choreography Consultation
• DJing
• Teacher training and pedagogy

about me

Thanks to my parents, I have been familiar with jazz music since the day I was born! At the age of 4 years old, I started acting in theatre, several years later playing saxophone and dancing contemporary dance became my hobbies as well. After graduating, I found out about Jazz dances and since then, there was no turning back! Starting with several years of teaching Jazz dances and improving myself locally, I organised and taught in some Summer camps, workshops, intensives until going international with residencies in Genova, Italy; Madrid, Spain (at Swing Maniacs dance studio) among others. Despite still being quite young, together with Martyna Beinarytė, Kamilė Pundziūtė, Helena Bausells Hernanz and some other wonderful dancers/partners I already taught in various major festivals and workshops in Germany, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, etc. Visited many of the communities for workshops/festivals in Geneva, Ghent, Madrid, Vilnius, Zurich, Amsterdam, Rome, Edinburgh, Turin, Genova, Heidelberg, Barcelona among others. Many classes, various competitions and international festivals later, I discovered that dynamics between the thrill of the competitions and the chill of the social dancing, is what motivates me to dance. Several organisers described me as known for my technique, variety of uncommon move combinations and attention to the connection. I always try to keep my class focused and not lacking hard work, as well as entertaining meanwhile inspiring and enriching my students with the history, musicality and small details that matters the most!

As most of the people, I went through my fair share of struggles, questions and doubts of becoming better dancer, so I could share my experience. Excited and ready to help you improve, be aware of yourself, to bring joy levels up, dig deeper and find easiest solutions to every question that comes up in the process. I'm here for you!


Here's some more videos of me dancing.


Have a great day and if I can be of any help to you, let me know!

currently based in

Vilnius, Lithuania

• Anywhere you fly me

available for work in

• English
• Italian
• Lithuanian

language(s) offered

rates and pricing

Contact me for specific rates adjusted to your needs and situation!

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