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Our favorite teachers offering online dance classes right now

Updated: May 11, 2020

Nothing says "hire me" like an instructor offering socially responsible ways to STFO.

Criteria for our favorites:

1. We love their work as artists and instructors

2. They’re offering one or all of the following:

  • a full online set-up of tutorial or training videos

  • live private and group classes

  • video feedback

  • Has a full-fledged online dance school


Individual instructors and partnerships offering online instruction

These instructors are offering everything from free youtube class-videos, to paid private instruction.

Laura Keat and Jeremy Otth

Group and private lessons, video feedback. Especially recommended for Balboa! Not to mention right now you can get a 10-minute competition footage review for just $10.

Felix Berghall

Join group online classes across all timezones, or schedule your own private coaching.

Åsa and Daniel Heedman

These teachers-of-teachers are currently offering online options for lindy hop, solo, beginners, and privates.

Laura Glaess

Free and fun youtube videos with solo jazz workouts, technique-building, and jazz step breakdowns.

Felipe Braga

Online privates and multi-week coaching programs.

Natalia Eristavi

Solo drills for lindy hop follows, vernacular jazz lessons, and dance coaching.

Not to mention free solo jazz challenges issued every Friday on Natalia's facebook and instagram.

Sharon Davis

Swing, jazz, and burlesque: For as little as £3 per month, you get access to Sharon's patron-only feed, an exclusive library of videos and resources, plus other great perks.

Nils Andrén and Bianca Locatelli

The most infectiously enthusiastic teachers I've been in a classroom with. They're offering everything from a beginner course, personal coaching, and competition feedback to new moves and variations. Perfect for anyone that doesn’t want to commit to a monthly online course and prefers to buy the online classes and get them all at once.

Peter & Naomi

This is probably the single most budget-friendly online option due to the sheer volume of cost/package options. So whether you want to invest a whole little or a whole lot into your dancing, there is an option for you here.

Alice Mei

Free instructional youtube videos with demos, explanations, and breakdowns. No partner needed! Subscribe for new content every week and don't be shy with that "donate paypal" button on her YouTube homepage.


Offline dance schools offering online resources

The Global Online Social

An all-day online swing dance party with instructors, DJs, musicians, and voices from all over the world. Every Thursday from 10am - 10pm PDT (Los Angeles time zone) - meaning that whichever timezone you're in, it's bound to overlap with your dancing hours!

Swing Patrol London

4-week courses with options for solo, routine, and lindy hop

LindyGroove Weekly Livestream Lessons & Games

A ridiculously well-produced online event with all kinds of fun, games, and dancing from some of Southern California's best teachers. Not only does this event provide a paid gig for instructors, musicians, and crew -- they provide YOU with a chance to get dressed for the first time this week with their fun dress-up themes! (eg This week's theme is to wear your Harry Potter house colors.) Every Thursday at 8:30pm Los Angeles time.

Lindy Central

Weekly online classes with special guest teachers like Ramona Staffeld.


Fully-fledged online dance schools

Dedicated websites with a full libraries of lessons, videos, and resources


An extennnsive library of moves, technique & hilarity brought to you by Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg. (I personally use iLindy and have have been amazed at how effective online tutorials are for leveling up my dancing.) They're offering a sweet deal right now for 19USD/month.

Lindy Hop Moves

This free library of dance moves is no-frills but gets the job done. You'll find curated lists of instructional videos, all organized both by skill level and type of swing dance.

Ksenia - Secrets of Solo School

An online dance school with an interactive global community of over 2000 members, plus personal video feedback from Ksenia Parkhatskaya and “surprise” live sessions. Membership starts at €30/month and offers over 330 online classes taught through 20+ hours of progressive material. For anyone who wants to feel more confident with their body in dance and find freedom in expressing themselves through movement.

Swing Step

Pre-recorded classes broken down into tidy progressive levels, plus live support from twice-weekly “teachers-tips-time." Your first class is free so you can even test the waters before jumping in.

Rhythm Juice

A subscription-based online academy founded and taught by Dax Hock and Sarah Breck. Rhythm Juice is all about personal feedback, coaching, and structured learning.

Syncopated City

A comprehensive and guided online education for those interested in learning lindy hop. Membership includes live workshops, online coaching, community forum, partnered and solo movement.


Who is your favorite on this list? Who's missing?

Let us know in the comments!

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4 Comments is hosting regular classes online. For the month of May we are hosting Ramona Staffeld every Tuesday evening at 8pm EST. We are also hosting other weekly classes as well.


Nick Cruickshank
Nick Cruickshank
Apr 25, 2020

You're missing Syncopated City with Michael Jagger & Evita Arce in your Fully-fledged online dance schools section!


Swing Hire
Swing Hire
Apr 18, 2020

@Sharon Davis, Done! :)


Sharon Davis
Sharon Davis
Apr 18, 2020

Check out my Patreon page at

Big love from London! xxx

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